Hyperlight News

Hello and welcome to the Hyperlight website, home of the brightest, most feature-rich LED toys money can buy. Hyperlights were developed by poi spinners for poi spinners and with over 10 years of refinements are an excellent choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike (check out the Halo Glow Show video to the right as seen on CBBC's "The Slammer" programme).

Shop - If you're interested in buying your very own HyperLights, visit the shop where you can buy a pair of your very own.

Downloads - We offer free upgrades to all the software that runs your toys for their entire lifetime. We're working on an updated GUI to make it easier to program the poi. Keep an eye on this section for updates in the new year.

Support - If you've got burning questions or there's something you're unsure of, check out the FAQ - chances are, you're not the first to wonder. If that doesn't help, feel free to email us (support at hyperlight dot co dot uk) or post a message on the forum.

Forum - Check out the forums to meet fellow spinners, ask questions, post feature requests etc. etc.

Contact - Interested in the project? Need more info? If you've any questions, feel free to email us directly: sales at hyperlight dot co dot uk.